Legacy Heritage Fund is initiating a new round of SMART Board grants as a part of its SMART Board Project. To date, the Foundation has supplied more than 200 SMART Boards to Jewish schools across the United States. 

SMART Boards are whiteboards that have touch sensitive screens and are interactive tools that invite student participation in the learning process.

Schools that were awarded SMART boards in earlier rounds are invited to apply in this new round. Schools may also apply for more than one SMART Board. Please read the FAQs for more information. 

Participating day schools will receive six (6) hours of staff training to achieve proficiency in the use of the equipment. 

Why SMART Boards?

SMART Board technology brings the power of a new dynamic educational tool to the classroom.

SMART Boards positively affect learning by helping to raise the level of student engagement, motivation and enthusiasm within the classroom.

The SMART Board Jewish Educational Database, which was developed by Legacy Heritage Fund through this initiative, enables knowledge sharing throughout the world of Jewish education and offers educators SMART Board lessons searchable in a variety of topic areas and grades. Legacy Heritage Fund is excited about partnering with Jewish schools.

Legacy Heritage Fund is excited about partnering with Jewish day schools throughout the United States and hopes that this project will facilitate the use of technology to advance Jewish education.



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