Placements and Mentoring
The placement exposes each Legacy Heritage Fellow to substantial levels of responsibility within the organization where he/she is placed. Each Fellow is assigned an appropriate mentor to closely assist and guide the Fellow throughout the year. Complementing the guidance provided through the placement, Legacy Heritage Fellowship personnel maintain an on-going relationship with each Fellow, offering guidance and assistance all year long.

Each Fellow is required to prepare for and participate in several academic seminars during the year which will be held in the US, Europe and Israel. Fellows will also have the opportunity to present their work and progress, while receiving and providing feedback on their colleagues' work.

The three seminars, one each held in Israel, Europe and the U.S., feature experts from academia, government, the media, think tanks and the mililtary, who give presentations on the key issues. In addition, skills workshops, such as on writing op eds, debating, public speaking, and leadership development are prominent components of the seminars. The opportunity to hear from and meet with top level officials from Israel, Europe and the US is another aspect that Fellows appreciate during the seminars. Finally, the Fellows also engage in group problem solving exercises correlating with key Middle East issues.

Professional and Educational Enrichment
Above and beyond the skills and knowledge each Fellow gains from his/her placement, the Legacy Heritage Fellowship will coordinate web-chats, conference calls, newsletters and emails, all geared to help further develop skills, deepen knowledge, engage and inspire. This will include readings and discussions, writing opportunities, and presentations by the Fellows.

Middle East Public Service Initiative
Legacy Heritage Fellowship is committed to the idea that we need to contribute to the larger community. An essential element of the Fellowship is the participation in a community-based project, initiated by the Fellows, called the Middle East Public Service Initiative. If appropriate, more than one Fellow can work on an initiative.

Post-Fellowship "Give Back"
After completion of their Fellowship year, each Fellow is asked to serve as a mentor for one of the incoming Fellows. Mentors provide guidance and advice on how to navigate through the Fellowship experience and help to create an active network of Fellows, past and present, who will continue to benefit from the Fellowship for years to come. Fellows are also expected to continue contributing to the larger community capacity through public speaking, writing, or training sessions at least twice during the year.

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