Our Mission
Legacy Heritage Fellowship seeks to build a global community of outstanding leaders and influential opinion makers. It supports exceptional post graduates and outstanding college graduates in North America, Europe and Israel who have committed to a year-long fellowship in a major governmental, non-governmental, think-tank or media setting. Mentored by senior executives in their placements and informed by specially-designed conferences, Legacy Heritage Fellows with their comprehensive knowledge of historical and intellectual trends, serve as articulate spokespeople on Middle East Affairs.

Our Philosophy
Legacy Heritage Fellowship believes in identifying the best, brightest, and most passionate post graduates and outstanding graduates, interested in a career in government, international relations, public policy, Middle East policy, politics, or the media.

Skill sets, however, represent only one portion of a Fellow's training. Conferences, close mentoring, and provocative and stimulating lectures are all essential elements of the broader education provided to Legacy Heritage Fellows. Exposure to the best practices and lifetime wisdom of seasoned communal leaders inform the substance and judgments Legacy Heritage Fellows will make in decades to come. Monthly conference calls, newsletters and discussions about key issues also contribute to their professional development.

Legacy Heritage Fellowship also encourages the fellows to write and publish op eds, letters to the editor, and articles about the issues relevant to the fellowship. Following the skills writing workshops featured in the first conference, fellows demonstrate their writing abilities by publishing throughout the year. The creation of a publishing contest has also helped to motivate them to publish an impressive number of items during the year.

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